Chinese Government Extends Chinese New Year

Chinese Government Extends Chinese New Year to 10th Feb

Today, the Chinese government announced that the entire Guangdong province shall also, extend it's national holiday to see workers return to work on the 10th of February. 

Previously, the extension was put back to the 3rd of February for all of China, and Shanghai/Wuhan on the 10th February. Now that Guangdong (Southern China) has also extended, we expect that most of China will likely not return to work until the 10th. 

We are collecting data each day to establish whether the ports will continue to operate no matter what, but, obviously, supply chain will likely be affected from aspects out of our control, i.e manual workers. This will affect truckers/drivers, warehouse staff, port operators, airline handlers and of course, manufacturing staff who make our partners products. 

We would like to advise all of our customers who to allow at least a 10-14 day delay on S20 launch products and for those who are usually buying in smaller numbers to try and increase purchases for current stock to avoid being short on stock should the delays last longer.